About me

My name is Helen Roper…

and I am a pretty average thirty-something living in Oxford with my partner and dog. I enjoy music, reading, painting and seeing my friends. So far, so average. I used to work in online marketing (yes, my SEO should be better, I know!), but my circumstances now mean I am not able to work.

As a result of my worsening cystic fibrosis, I have had to give up work and make a large number of changes to cope with my deterioration. Since May 2017 I have been on the national waiting list for a double lung transplant.

I decided to start writing this blog about my life on the list to give people an idea of what waiting for an organ is like and to highlight the need for more donors.  It was inspired by some publicity I did to help promote donor awareness  – I did an interview with a local radio station, which was a complete disaster. I completely stumbled over my words, forgot how to describe a dead person and suggested that everyone turn down the radio station. Oh, and my dog kept barking at me! Needless to say this was not played.  I felt like writing a blog was more appropriate as it could be edited accordingly, unlike my potty mouth!

Helen Roper Oxford
Helen Roper – Lung Transplant & Cystic Fibrosis Blog

The title of the blog refers to the standard comment I get when people find out how poorly I am. “Oh but your look so well!” That soon changes when a cough comes out!

Welcome to my world. It’s not all doom and gloom (unless I die, but that should only happen once! And you’ll just assume I was lax with putting any updates up!)

I hope my story will show the importance of keeping a positive spirit when things are shit, and the benefits of organ transplantation.

Feel free to get in touch – I love to chat to people!

Helen Roper

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