Life and Site Updates…

I have been neglecting this site somewhat recently. A lot has changed with my health over the past few years and I have been busy living life rather than writing. My last post was a year and a half ago – shameful!!

I am now no longer waiting for a lung transplant as I AM TOO WELL!! I still go to my transplant centre every six months where they keep a close eye on me to ensure this is still the best option.

Entering the dog that looks most like its owner
We stretched the theme of “dog that looks most like its owner” by dressing as a duo.

I am going to start blogging again – about health, disability and life. I will be looking at and reviewing events with an eye to accessibility, especially music-related events. Whilst I am feeling a bit better and life is more stable, I am making the most of the time where I am ‘healthy’ (for me!), so trying to get out and about more.

Here, on the left, you will see me and Pudding dressed up for a dog show in the category “dog who looks most like its owner”. We don’t look alike, so decided to go with a theme – spider and web! Perfect for Halloween – despite being in June!

Helen lying on balloons at street party
When you don’t have a bed….


Here is a picture of me at our Jubilee Street Party. I had only been out of hospital a couple of days (I still go in semi-regularly; I just don’t stay in as long!) and was ‘tired and emotional.

I’ve been updating my Instagram and you can get health updates there.

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